Silmeria Grimaldi

The one with the big hammer


Although technically a member of the Grimaldi family, she is in fact an illegitimate child of Clare’s father, after he had a fling with one of the ‘working girls’ in the poorer sections of town. Realizing she was pregnant and not wanting to raise a child as a ‘woman of the night’, Silmeria’s mother changed professions, and is now a rather popular waitress at a restaurant.

While she could have grown up bitter at the ‘upper crust’ of society, and toward the Grimaldi family in particular, Silmeria hardly ever gave them a thought. She uses the Grimaldi name, not expecting anything from the father that conceived her, and never receiving any strange looks from the people she regularly encounters as most are equally unaware of most of those living on the cliff side.

She may have never paid attention to her father’s side of her family at all, until one of them came and found her. Apprenticing to a blacksmith at the time, she was suddenly approached by another girl calling herself Clare Grimaldi, introducing herself as Silmeria’s half sister. She had left her family on the cliff-side to become a doctor in town, and wanted to look up her sister while she was there. Silmeria being an easy-going girl, the two quickly became close, and have stayed in touch ever since.

When she was old enough, Silmeria applied for enrollment at Arcanium. Possessing great strength from her time working as a blacksmith, and armed with a huge two-handed war-hammer, she passed the tests easily. On her first night of attendance, she was assigned the same room as Clarissa Reginar. Again thanks to the easy-going attitude she possesses, she puts up with Clarissa’s constant demands and orders, mostly by ignoring them.

Silmeria Grimaldi

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