Tuss Setanonthes

No time to teach!


Supposedly an Instructor at Arcanium, Tuss Setanonthes has very little time for the little brats he’s supposed to teach. He deliberately makes complicated or boring sounding classes that (he believes) nobody would want to learn, just so he can have more time for his own studies. Of course, that’s not 100% foolproof, and he does occasionally get a student or two.

Unable to just ignore them, he gives ridiculously difficult busywork, and grades harshly. As a result, most students that clear the first hurdle swiftly quit his classes altogether.

And then there’s the few that refuse to give up. Ugh, they drive Tuss crazy. Their constant desire to learn things from someone. Why don’t they go learn it on their own? That’s how Tuss learned, so everyone else should be the same way so he can keep researching in piece and quiet!

In all honesty, it’s amazing he hasn’t been fired yet, but he is useful to have around when there’s something new and unknown that needs studying.

Tuss Setanonthes

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