The Lady of the Lake


Found by Vanderloki and his team at Lakeview, Miar is a personality-copy of a human that lived hundreds of years ago to be the caretaker of a hidden stash of Soulstones.

Using a device found by Silmeria in the mines outside Ryzen, Vand & co. were finally able to communicate with Miar, and learn about the hidden stash. Miar herself has basic knowledge of Soulstone usage, as well as a mental catalog of all Soulstones contained within the stash.

With Miar’s help, Vand is able to alter his Weird Science equipment to carry Miar with him, and can now communicate with her freely. She leads his group to the hidden stash, but it has unfortunately been taken and replaced with a huge nest of Demons. The group valiantly fought the Demons back before they could flood out from their little corner of the cavern, and a cleanup operation is underway.

But still, where did the stash of Soulstones go? And who took them? And what’s with the Demons?


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