Clare Grimaldi

Medic in Training


Clare Grimaldi, the youngest daughter of the Grimaldi family, was raised in wealth in the estates on the cliff side above Ryzen. Unlike the majority of the residents, including her parents, Clare loved learning and had the desire to actually do something with her life. Also unlike the other wealthy cliff-dwellers, she looked down and saw the conditions of people below her… and not by ‘looking down her nose at’, she actually felt bad for how the poorer class was treated and the conditions they were forced to live in.

Armed with nothing but her keen mind and the desire to change things for the better, Clare left her home and began studying medicine. As an intern at the Setz Hospital in the western part of Ryzen, Clare met Vanderloki as she helped with his physical therapy. Eventually, the two started dating, and have been going steady ever since.

Recently, her grandfather, the Headmaster of Arcanium, offered Clare a position on the medic squad that sees to the injuries of the school’s students during everyday life and The Games. Seeing an opportunity to practice battlefield medicine, and the possibility to get a little closer to Vand (who was recently accepted into the school), she accepted the new intern position.

Because she is an intern, she is not offered on-campus quarters, and still lives within the city of Ryzen itself. She also maintains her position at the Setz Hospital that helps her pay the rent, although it’s been difficult for the young lady that’s been raised in money to balance her finances sometimes. So far though, she’s made it work.

Her parents still live within the cliff-side family estate, disappointed in their runaway daughter, but too proud (or afraid of the ‘unwashed masses’) to go after her. Clare has an older brother (the current family heir to the fortune) that remains with their parents, and whom they spend their entire time doting on now that Clare has left. She also has a half-sister, Silmeria, that’s only 6 months older than her, a result of one of their father’s flings with one of the ‘lower caste’ girls. The two have met, and have actually become rather close.

Clare Grimaldi

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