Ryzen's Champions

The Investigation Continues

"I just got these clothes cleaned of mantis guts!"

Their only clue being a symbol of a skull with a dagger through the eye, our heroes begun casually asking around about it. Conveniently, Desh was a former employee of the company named “Alternative Logistics” that uses the skull & dagger as an unofficial symbol. She helpfully provides a map to the only warehouse she knows about, and a little investigation at the City Hall reveals very little extra beyond the company likely has extra warehouses that are not in their paperwork.

Heading out the next day hold a meeting with this Alternative Logistics, our heroes gain entry easily by convincing the somewhat paranoid guard that they aren’t cops, and they’re here on business… which is technically true, but not the business they like. The owner of Alternative Logistics, Uril, begins getting impatient with the group as it becomes clear they just want to take a look at his confidential client lists, using clearly outlandish claims about them transporting Demons as justification.

Turns out the heroes’ claims aren’t quite as outlandish as Uril thought they were, as a few boxes they still needed to move into the hidden room under the mountain break open, revealing even more Mantis Demons eager to rip faces off. A short battle ensues, as there’s only a few Demons compared to the several hundreds back under the mountain.

Infuriated that he’s been ‘tricked’ into transporting Demons through his warehouses, Uril agrees to let our heroes see his records on the transaction. The one responsible for shipping the Demons into the room is a man named Clay Gabriel in Six Hares village. This is the hometown of our very own Adam, who has no knowledge of a man with that name.

The surprising bit comes when we reveal the name of the man responsible for moving the stash of Soulstones: Clive Reginar, the father of our own Clarissa Reginar. She hides her surprise, even if some of her teammates/servants cannot. As the group is preparing to leave, they overhear that Uril still has the last of the boxes from under the mountain, and no intention to deliver them to their destination since they were carrying Demons around because of them. Negotiations begin to see if our group can convince Uril to hand over the remaining bits of the stash.


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