Ryzen's Champions

Snooping Around

Daddy did what?

Having secured 4 boxes of Soulstones from the massive stash that was taken, our heroes split up. Kaepora has prior church-related engagements to take care of, Vanderloki heads back to school to inform them about their findings, while the rest head over to interrogate Clarissa’s father, Clive Reginar, about his part in all of this.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?), Clive is not at home. It gives the group time to investigate the majority of the home, which turns up several bits of information. Thanks to some clever searching (or completely lucky rolls, whichever) the group finds: proof that Clive did indeed pay to ship the Soulstones to one Clay Gabriel out in Six Hares village; that Clive was apparently selling said Soulstones to the same said Clay Gabriel; Clive had a legal claim on the boxes filled with Soulstones somehow.

These findings only seem to raise further questions. How did Clive Reginar, wealthy noble, find such a stash of Soulstones deep in the caverns, where someone of his rank and position has no business being in? Who is this Clay Gabriel, and how does he have such absurd amounts of money that he’s able to pay Clive Reginar so much? And most importantly, what exactly did Vanderloki do with his girlfriend while everyone else was out doing real work?


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