Ryzen's Champions

Six Hares Village

Investigating Clay Gabriel

Despite the discomfort on Adam’s part, our heroes took a boat-trip down to the village of Six Hares to confront Clay Gabriel. The village had certainly changed since the last time Adam was there several years ago. A wall is under construction around the village homes, large warehouses have been constructed, and there are heavily armed guards crawling all over the place.

Thankfully, the guards seem bored and don’t hinder our heroes at all. They make their way to the home of Adam’s family; his father is the mayor of the village so would be a good place to get some information. Also nice to see his family again, but details.

The heroes discover that Clay is responsible for paying for the wall being constructed and the guards patrolling all over the place, because Demon attacks have been increasing for several years. They also learn that the crates likely containing Demons that Clay has been sending back to Ryzen get shipped in from somewhere overland, despite there not being anything around. It is also likely, if Adam’s father is correct, that most of the Soulstones are still in the warehouses.

A plan is formed: Adam will try and meet with Clay to get information out of him, Ninja will attempt to sneak into the warehouses to find out what’s in them, while everyone else will see if they can find where all the overland shipments are coming from (despite having 0 clues on that so far).


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