The world is a scary place…

Standing alone in a world of Demons is the city of Ryzen. There are no reinforcements from allied cities; we don’t even know if there are other cities anymore. But we survive.

What we have is a school: Arcanium. Her students are trained solely for the city. They are trained in combat, magic, technology… whatever can be used to keep Ryzen and her citizens safe. They are sent out into the world to experience fighting Demons first-hand. For their exams, all students participate in grand battles called ‘The Games’. Despite the festivities and spectacle that ordinary citizens see it as, The Games are necessary for Ryzen’s survival.

The Games provide real combat experience to the students. They test their techniques, they see how much they’ve improved. Those who survive graduation become generals, industrial leaders, even city council members.

But only the best can become Ryzen’s Champions.

Ryzen's Champions

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