Somewhere deep under the surface of Valis lies the breeding ground of the Demons. In current days, this cesspool of evil is cut off from the human world, the portal presumably destroyed by the angel Setz and her human companions. However, that still leaves an unknown, yet large, number of Demons still infesting the surface world.

Formed by the Creator to give Humans something to unite against instead of squabbling and killing each other, the Demons embody much of what humanity fears: death, disease, destruction. While the individual beings usually work alone, there does appear to be some guiding force directing their actions. They are still organized enough to keep the city of Ryzen cut off from any other major hub of human civilization, if there even is any to be found.

There does not seem to be any ‘standard’ form of Demon. Some are as small as a squirrel, while others are taller than buildings. Some can fly, some can burrow underground, others are aquatic and cannot leave the water. Any special abilities or characteristics an individual Demon may have must usually be discovered first hand. The notable exception, of course, are the especially dangerous ones that have been spotted numerous times.

The one common trait all Demons share is their almost single-minded desire to destroy humanity. They cannot be reasoned with; we don’t even know if they can understand our speech. We don’t understand why they have not tried to attack our city in recent years, seemingly being content to keep us cut off. Perhaps they are focused on another kingdom, or maybe they just don’t have the numbers. Regardless, the city of Ryzen must stand vigilant, as we are all in a fight for survival.


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