Human Shield


Son of a semi-successful businessman that never took part in Arcanium’s curriculum, Zhirayr is determined to inherit the family business. But in order to take that business to the next level, he needs the prestige and influence that comes only from being a graduate of the school.

Despite his determination, there is not much that stands out about Zhirayr. He is completely average in everything, without any particular strengths. Perhaps his main weakness is an excessive fondness for games of chance, particularly when money is involved. This wouldn’t be such a huge issue, but Zhirayr has an inordinate amount of bad luck which actually makes him poorly suited to gambling.

Preferring to discuss issues rather than resort to violence, Zhirayr is actually rather soft-spoken and non-confrontational compared to most other students. That doesn’t mean he’s afraid of combat, however, and is able to hold his own when necessary (which is most of the time, in Arcanium).

A fighter that focuses on defense, Zhirayr tends to stay out of the midst of combat to protect the more fragile members of his team. That usually means one of his teammates gets surrounded by the entire enemy team, but the only other option is to leave the ‘squishier’ back-line of the team open to attack.


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