The Loyal Archer


Formerly a hunter with her family living in a small village outside Ryzen, the small group of dog-like Spliced were well respected by their friends. They always freely shared the ‘loot’ from their hunts with the other villagers, as Wel’s family were close enough with the rest of the village to view them as a ‘pack’.

This peaceful life could not last forever in this world, and eventually the village was besieged by a Demon. It kept out of sight, picking off single villagers when they were alone. Tired of the deaths, Wel set out to take out the Demon herself, ignoring the cold she had come down with. It was a normal occurrence for her though, she’d been sickly since she was a child, surely she was used to it by now.

She did eventually come face to muzzle with the Demon, but it found her first. Stuck on the defensive right at the onset of her fight, Wel could not find an opportunity to fire on her target. Tiring quickly due to her sickness, it was only a matter of time before she became the Demon’s next victim.

Before that could happen, the students called from Arcanium to deal with the threat arrived and took care of the beast. Deeply moved by their skill and heroics, not to mention they had just saved her reckless butt, Wel came to the decision to attend Arcanium. She swore to work hard, to overcome her sickly body’s weakness, and to save others in need, as she was saved.


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