Was That a Short Joke?


Youngest son to a famous Arcanium graduate, Tierney seemed to inherit none of his father’s pedigree. Small and sickly from a young age, he spent more time in the hospital than at home during his childhood. Frustrated by being compared unfavorably to his father, Tierney decided to join Arcanium to prove he isn’t useless. But how?

His frail form precluded any ability to practice using a sword, or even the rigors of learning magic. However, there was something even someone small like him could utilize: technology. Tierney spent every waking moment either reading about technology, or tinkering with whatever he could get his hands on to make random devices. The latter activities particularly annoyed the hospital staff.

Now in a team, Tierney fills whatever gap his team tends to need. Due to his impressive knack for throwing together random gadgets on the fly, he can make whatever is necessary to help his team succeed. Unfortunately, he is still extremely fragile, so is incredibly reliant on his team to keep him safe.


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