The Punching Mage


Sapena has always been a bit… odd. Considering she was raised only by her martial-artist, hermit of a father in a small house in the woods outside Ryzen, you can hardly blame her. Her father attempted to teach her his martial art, but her heart just wasn’t into it. She picked up a bit of the basics, but her father eventually gave up on teaching her.

But seriously, who wants to practice boring martial arts when you have natural magical power to play with? From an early age, she’s been able to communicate with animals, the only friends she ever had. Except for birds, those are creepy. With their wings, and feathers, and ugh…

Her head was filled with stories of the Arcanium school by her father, so it was only natural she became curious about it. From watching some of her animal friends, she also realized children need a mother to be born as well. Her primary goal in attending is finding out what happened to her, as her father refuses to speak about it.

Having never experienced combat before, the whole ‘fighting’ each other thing is a bit of a shock for Sapena. While she doesn’t shirk it, she doesn’t want to have everyone she fights hate her. After all, she’s got all these new friends now, human friends! And she doesn’t need her magic to understand them! Most of the time, anyway. As a result, Sapena has a tendency to apologize to her opponents when she does actually hit someone.


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