Ninja? Or Pirate?


Born to a long line of secretive ninjas that have served Ryzen since its foundation, Pher was trained in the arts since she was born. The group is so secretive, that nobody even realizes it exists. Not that there’s much use for them other than fighting Demons, of course. Political assassination and foreign espionage are things of the past, but they do what they can to preserve their skills.

A training accident when she was younger deprived her of one of her eyes. The clan’s medical experts did what they could, but there was just no saving it. Who knew catching fish in the river with your bare hands could be so dangerous?

Finally unleashed on Arcanium, Pher is finally beginning to understand who she is. More than just a collection of ninja techniques in a human body, she’s learning she’s an actual person, like all these other actual persons around her. She’s struggling to fit in now with her team and classmates, but old lessons hammered into her head (sometimes literally) don’t die out easily.


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