Greatness from Mediocrity


Norris comes from a long line of Ryzen guards, every family member before him having attended the prestigious Arcanium academy. Mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, for several generations, and Norris is just the most recent to join.

While each family member has attended, not one has ever really done particularly well. In fact, they’ve generally finished pretty low in the standings. Even the lowest-ranking graduates can get some low ranking officer post, and that’s pretty much all Norris’s family has ever gotten.

Norris is determined to change his family’s fortunes, and do better than any of them have ever done before. Considering their history, it shouldn’t be too hard with some effort. Ever since arriving at the academy, Norris has dedicated nearly every waking moment to training, and has become quite proficient with his spear.

His new teammates are rather worried for him though, as he never takes a break from training. The only other person that he annoys is his roommate Vanderloki, as Norris will even try to practice his moves in their shared room.


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