Smiter of the Wicked


Raised as an orphan in the Church of the Creator’s Hammer, a militant branch of the church, Lunatel was raised to fight Demons. Societal niceties and civil conversation were not in her curriculum, and she was cloistered within the church-grounds until she was ready to be unleashed upon the world.

All advocates of the Church of the Creator’s Hammer are required to attend Arcanium when they are of age, failure is unacceptable. Thanks to their intense training regime, failure has never happened. Lunatel easily passed the entrance exam, and ready to continue her training with the best and brightest.

Unfortunately for her, the best and brightest didn’t usually possess the same try-hard militant attitude Lunatel carried over from her Church. A bit of an outcast in her new team, she did the only thing she knew how to do: take control. While she sees herself as the leader of the group, most of them know she’s just trying to fit in and let her continue thinking she’s in charge.


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