The Centaur Charger


Member of a nomadic tribe of horse-like Spliced that’s officially part of Ryzen, although they tend to have very little to do with the city itself. The tribe roams the valleys and plains north of the ruins that hosts Arcanium’s exam, and are nearly completely self sufficient. They make their own weapons, are able to defend themselves (or outrun anything they can’t defeat), and are able to feed themselves. Anything else they need, they’re able to trade their primary ‘industry’: sheep wool, milk, beef, and other animal products. Their main concern is tending to their large herd animals, keeping them safe from Demon predation.

Wanting to prove her people’s bravery and skill in battle, Karima enrolls in Arcanium. She’ll show these humans that the ‘centaur’ people of the north are more than just the roaming barbarians most make them out to be (she doesn’t seem to get that that attitude is applied to most Spliced, rather than just her people).

She comes off as arrogant to those around her, and perhaps she is given her evident skill. However, Karima also has the tendency to charge the front lines of any battle which, while certainly effective, often leaves her alone on the front lines as her slower human allies try to catch up with her. She has often expressed the desire to die in glorious battle, protecting allies or family, but as she has never actually been faced with something quite dangerous to put that to the test, it could be all bluster.


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