The Lazy Dog


A dog-like Spliced, Jale’s day seems to consist primarily of eating meat and generally being lazy. He seems to disdain physical labor. And mental labor. Even the word ‘labor’ seems to be anathema to him. One would question how he managed to join the Arcanium, or why he would, with such an attitude, but an exhibit of his hand-to-hand fighting skills would answer at least the former question.

He claims to have been trained by a master martial artist in one of the outlying villages, Master Tzenguco. However, nobody has ever heard of a master martial artist with that name, but Jale’s skills are certainly real enough. During his entrance exam, he fought two other armed potential candidates with nothing but his bare hands and won without taking a hit.

Whenever it’s convenient for him, Jale likes to pull out some quote from his master and uses it to justify whatever he’s doing, even if that’s nothing, and even if the quote has nothing to do with the discussion at hand.

Whatever his motives, he is now attending Arcanium and has been inflicted upon a team and roommate. His team must somehow figure out how to get the lazy bum to work with them, while his roommate Ninja has to figure out how to keep Jale from eating all his snacks.


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