The Power of Lightning at her Fingertips


At Arcanium, there are mighty warriors, genius inventors, cunning mages… and there’s Ermia.

Fascinated with machinery from a young age, Ermia focused all of her time to tinkering with whatever she could get her hands on. Half of them blew up in her face, but it was still fun. When Ermia realized she’d have almost unlimited access to materials by joining Arcanium, her path was obvious.

Her crowning achievement so far is a pair of gauntlets. One provides a protective barrier, while the other fires bolts of lightning at her foes. Once completed, Ermia had to show them off, of course. It didn’t matter who saw it, so she just found the first person she could.

Of course, that person was some guy covered in black cloth, pretending to sneak around. And can you believe him? He’d rather pay attention to the prissy girl that was yelling at him instead of at her! Sure, she was still covered in grease smudges, but she just invented a glove that could shoot lightning! What does a girl have to do to get a little attention from a guy?

But Ermia would show those two. She’d show everyone. As she’s discovering, the only limits to what she can make are her own imagination. And sometimes physics. Stupid physics.


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