Dorian lived alone with his family, making a living off the land, not being bothered by others and not bothering anyone else. His only other company was a wolf he found and befriended when it was a cub, which he named Poch. It was a peaceful life. At least, until that hunting trip. The small family was out finding dinner when they were set upon by a Demon. His parents were killed, and Dorian nearly followed them as well, if it weren’t for his companion Poch.

Scarred from the attack, and filled with a need for vengeance, Dorian enrolled at Arcanium to learn to fight. Poch followed him, and assists in protecting the squishier elements of the team. The two are quiet, rarely interacting with others except when necessary. However, when the team is out in the wilderness, they rely on Dorian’s expertise at tracking and survival more than they realize.


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