Former Thief


Desh grew up on the streets of Ryzen. She has very few memories of her parents, as she was left on her own at a very early age. To feed herself, she had to ‘take things without asking’. As it turns out, she was very good at it. She never really thought about it beyond a way to survive in this world.

Eventually her skills caught the attention of the underworld of Ryzen, and she was convinced to join up with a group of underground ‘traders’. They mostly dealt with products that were of questionable legality, and generally stuff that was only affordable to the upper-crust of Ryzen. While uncomfortable with her new surroundings, Desh put up with it since she didn’t need to worry about food on a day-to-day basis.

Like all criminals, it was only a matter of time until the law caught up with her. It was just a routine drop-off that went sour as Desh stumbled into a bust. Nowhere to run, she surrendered and was captured. Faced with up to 10 years in prison for her various crimes since she was a child, she was given an alternate choice.

The guard captain that caught her had been after her for many years, and had become impressed with her skills. He suggested to Desh that she should enroll at Arcanium and, if accepted and managed to get through the entire curriculum without being kicked out, all charges against her would be dropped. Well, it certainly sounded better than prison, so she jumped at the chance.

While her sentencing had been postponed, many of the guards of Ryzen still look at her with distrust. They tend to keep a close eye on her whenever she’s in town, watchful for any relapse into her old ways. However, she’s managed to stay on the straight-and-narrow so far. While not the most capable fighter, her agility and unique skills offer things to her team that few others can.


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