Dark Mage uses Charm!


Biagino was raised in a mage’s academy from a very early age. His entire childhood was focused on mastering the elements with other boys around his age, with the goal of becoming powerful enough to move into Arcanium. Biagino discovered he was particularly apt at using the element of Darkness, and used it quite frequently to annoy his fellow students with pranks. But, he was so bored.

Finally admitted into Arcanium, he discovers something new: girls. Sure, there were a few female instructors at his old mage academy, but they were all old hags. This was the first time Biagino had access to females his own age. He was a bit awkward at first, but he discovered he had above-average good looks, and now he’s more than comfortable leveraging that to hit on any female in sight. He does have a reputation as a playboy now, which occasionally works against him.

Biagino’s team has a higher ratio of back-liners than normal, which includes himself. To help keep the rest of the back-line safe, Biagino uses a handful of crowd-control spells to distract or confuse enemies. He still has an offense in the ability to project concentrated balls of pure darkness, but he mostly focuses on protecting his allies.


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