A Real Snake


Alisi had a fairly normal, and uneventful, childhood. Well, as much as can be expected of an obviously Spliced child could have. Some Spliced simply had ears or feet that were animal-like, and easy to conceal. It’s pretty hard to conceal what you are when you have a snake’s tail from the waist down instead of legs.

Having few friends that wouldn’t just constantly pick on her for being Spliced, Alisi spent most of her time indoors, studying books her parents owned. She was especially fascinated by history (what little recorded history there was), and tales of great wars and heroes. It was then, she decided what she wanted to do.

Tired of the constant oppression of the Spliced people, Alisi decided to do something about it. But to do anything important in Ryzen, you had to go through Arcanium. Fortunately, she could leverage her intellect and natural Spliced abilities to great effect in her entrance exam, where she can begin her journey.

Realizing that the ability to fight is actually quite useful in a school dedicated to combat, Alisi took up the bow. Fighting from range seemed appropriate to her, as she could outrun (and stay out of reach of) most of her fellow Human classmates. She was able to learn quickly, applying lessons from the many books on the subject of archery she had read in her earlier years.


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